Big data, including prediction and moral problems

You must have read about that information that says what happens during the minutes in the world of the internet? You must be shocked by the figures that, where it is estimated that there are 4 billion searches in Google Drive and twitter 200K tweets, in addition to the participation of 300 thousand pics on WhatsApp, and that numbers multiplied dramatically during recent years, and will double more over the next year if you look now to the size of the data in the internet then you will reach big numbers trillion may be valuable if analyzed accurately.

Do you ever wonder how WhatsApp download profits? It was the beginning of WhatsApp a paid application which was profitable for the company, but now the app is completely free, and no ads or paid services such as Twitter, Facebook and other.

There’s a saying that if you don’t pay you the price (see this article), simply Facebook when investing in WhatsApp because they wanted the size of the data which is owned by WhatsApp want you, I don’t mean literally your personal information per se but the power taken by you and your society in which you live.

For example, Muhammad sent location “Location” Khalid on Friday, Muhammad again sent another location the following week, this adaptation information when the analysis yields data that Mohammed says the whole collection out to a restaurant or friend’s house to another, imagine the volume of information which come to become data if circulated it to the whole community or state, you can data WhatsApp get the lifestyle division, and the behavior of its consumer, trending topics, and has.

All this for marketing purposes and to understand the most appropriate way to enter the products the owner of this data, and understanding to this community for its products or even predict how he’s gonna react to a certain thing, and there’s a theory that says that WhatsApp is actually selling users ‘ data to those who need it for marketing purposes or even governments, that supports that there is no other way you may know WhatsApp a profit.

Big data at the moment

Regardless of the application of WhatsApp, let’s get in a higher volume of data circulating in the Internet, the numbers are a trillion and can not be identified, and that data access to the interesting facts.

There’s an interesting tool in Google called google scholar, which is an archive of Google for a large number of books back 200-year-old, hatem woodworking which led me to this tool from Google while I listen to the word bathroom ideas, which means ideas during spend case, its Genesis was the beginning amongst the the twentieth century, this information gives us the understanding that human behavior is to change the beginning of the appearance of television then, where was the only the production of ideas is during the spend of the present without joint, Either before that date did not stop the dogs because the human being before her was waiting for ideas no matter where in the absence of a common.

This simple example shows the size of facts that can be obtained from this archive which includes a huge number of data.

As to the location of the theme idea was the beginning of his analysis is the number of words most searched in Google, and compare the quantity of content in Google and exploitation of the shortage of Arabic content.

Google prediction hit the street by the devices that are going in this street, it also displays any time it will be a restaurant crowded by knowing the number of phones=people who entered this restaurant, and at any hour they entered the building on that cumulative data predicts at any time will be crowded

The future of Big Data

In each year to be our connection to the digital world more and more, recording you for the days of your appointments at the hospital in the calendar, or a date to drink your medicine in the note, or the types of drugs you use, or the number of steps that are going by the bracelet, or even a smart watch in your wrist, may produce in the future systems analyse your system health to predict disease potential that may befall you because of your behavior health.

Or through analysis of a rage in the social networking sites about the poor infrastructure of the office what can predict which places will be more damage if I got a natural disaster.

May seem like a lot of crazy ideas and closer to fantasy, but from the looks of the rapid technical development during the last decade, wouldn’t say overall that it is difficult to achieve, and request their appearance for some time.

The need for my huge data

The greater the need for my huge data since the beginning of 2012, for the purposes of the study of consumer behaviour and the nature of groups and the method used for better marketing or promotion in most technical companies.

And shows reinforce the following programming languages most in demand, and shows the language of python and R languages are the most developed because of its language devoted to the analysis of Big Data.

The city launched the Dubai initiative aimed at the development of the million programmer Cart In several areas, and was in the choir, Kors big data analytics, if you are a developer and want to develop your skills in the world of data analysis, I advise you to register in the initiative: here

What do you think dear reader in the future of technology do you have other assumptions didn’t turn on you the future of technology in the future is the Internet of things and big data?

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