Big update to apply the Telegram supported feature archiving and more

تحديث كبير لتطبيق تيليجرام يدعم خاصية الأرشفة وأكثر

Got messaging application famous telegram to the new update carries the version number of the Telegram 5.6, it came this version with many additions and new features, on top of a feature to archive the chat, and got it on with a stick the elements of design “material design, and other improvements and new options.

For the archive feature of the New, simply scroll towards the left on the chat from the main interface for the application, to hide the chats archived you only need to scroll towards the left again in the interface to the archive, you can install the chat in the archive in any order you wish, there is support to multiple proceedings, which allows you to select multiple entries and enter them or mute them or archive them or delete them at once.

There is a new design for the investigation of the Android platform, where you will notice the presence of a symbol is adjustable, with the appearance of new lists, not to mention the animation is smoother and fast forward when you select Messages in your chats, as there are an extended list through which you can see three lines in the preview instead of the two lines.

Got a list of common update to my sight, so they can be viewed full screen by dragging it, also has now become easy to watch package labels, and related directly from the chat list and the list of participating, and finally update the Telegram 5.6 is currently available for all users around the world, as noted the research significantly and has many new additions.

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