Bill Gates believes that allowing Android to defeat Windows Phone was the biggest mistake in his life

Bill Gates

In an event organized by the foundation for investment Village Global, revealed co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Bill Gates about the biggest mistake he did when he was president of the company. According to reports, it was mentioned by Mr. Bill Gates in this event is that the biggest mistake he’d done during the period that he headed the company Microsoft is to allow for Android to overcome Windows Phone of the company.

On this subject, Mr. Bill Gates said : ” in the world of software, especially when it comes to operating systems, that markets benefit the winner of absolutely everything. The biggest mistake in my life was to prevent Microsoft from becoming what he’s become. Android “. He explained to Mr. Bill Gates to the cause of the failure of Microsoft to Google Inc. system and Android is ” bad management ” topic, which is also credited to Steve Ballmer, who other than Mr. Bill Gates as CEO of Microsoft. For example, I didn’t believe Steve Ballmer successfully iPhone because he didn’t have a physical keyboard.

Added Bill Gates, he was supposed to miss Microsoft, but he admitted that Android is now the operating system is non for Apple to whom everyone turns to, and it really is the winner who takes it all in the market. According to statistics, the Android has almost 90 percent of the global market share.

In conclusion, Mr. Bill Gates to to Android Help currently more than 400 million USD. He said the businessman also famous that this amount could have been transferred from company G to company M in reference to Google and Microsoft.

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