Bill Gates blames himself for the failure of Microsoft’s market phones

Maybe not Bill Gates is CEO of Microsoft when the appearance of the Android system, but the famous billionaire is still considered the failure of his company in the smartphone sector is the “biggest mistake not,” where she was the company’s own operating system for phones since the year 2000 in the name of Windows Mobile, then in 2010 launched the windows iPhone. Although investment is large, the company booked a market share of acceptable and rival Android and iOS.

In fact, although it beat the Android years, but the system Google entered in the competition quickly. In 2007 for example, Microsoft Windows Phone System controls a significant market share by 42% in the United States. But, after the launch of the first phone running Android in 2008, the percentage reduces sharply.

By 2010, the decline of Microsoft’s system to control 7% of the market share, and the share to 3% in the following year.

Left Bill Gates of Microsoft in 2000, and Steve Ballmer on the top of the pyramid. However, this does not prevent him to take some responsibility about the failure of the company to elevate to a level that allows them to compete the smartphone market.

According to Bill Gates in an interview appeared recently, “the biggest mistake of all is poor management that got into my flow, which is caused not to be a Microsoft shop in the Android platform today.” It is known that the main reason for the failure of Microsoft Systems is the lack of applications, particularly major applications that were available for Android and iOS systems, but not for Windows Phone, which has hurt the company, which was sometimes know the developers pay them to create apps for it.

While Bill Gates may be ready for a lot of the blame in how to set up Microsoft’s competition market phones, but this does not mean that the management company was better off when he left her. With Steve Ballmer on the top of the pyramid, Microsoft paid a huge amount of $ 7.6 million in favor of Nokia Corporation, and also failed in the end.

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