Bill Gates, meet Jeff Bezos richest person in the world

Restored Bill Gates Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, the title of the richest person in the world, surpassing the founder and CEO of e-commerce Amazon, and Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, according to the Bloomberg index for billionaires Bloomberg Billionaires.

The value of the wealth of Bill Gates (64 years old) is currently $ 110 million, surpassing the total value of the wealth of Jeff Bezos (55 years) of $ 108.7 million.

And Bill Gates first place briefly last month after it suffered Amazon of a decline in profits by 28 percent during the three months ended in September, but he soon lost the place again for Jeff Bezos, as reported CNN CNN.

Regained the co-founder of giant of software the first place after gaining an increase of 48 percent in the price of Microsoft shares this year, which helped to increase the value of its stake in the company, raising his net worth to $ 110 million.

Excelled Microsoft Corporation on Amazon in the month of October through access software giant on a contract worth $ 10 million for cloud computing with the US Department of defense, which added some drama-ins to the race of wealth between Bezos and Gates.

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As affected by the wealth of Jeff Bezos has also settled his divorce with his ex-wife, which got under the divorce settlement on 19.7 million shares of Amazon shares worth more than $ 38 million.

Commented Gates recently on his wealth in response to the wealth tax proposed by some political candidates and the Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren.

He said the co-founder of Microsoft: I paid more than $ 10 billion as taxes, and not have a problem in that the amount paid to $ 20 million.

Recall that this is the first time in which he is the co-founder of Microsoft, the first place more than two years ago, it was possible not to create his never on the first place lol philanthropy, having donated more than $ 35 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 1994.

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