Bill gates regrets that allowed Google to release Android

Perhaps bill gates and is one of the most successful and talented entrepreneurs of our time, but this does not mean that he made no mistakes and did what today is sorry. Another thing is that the mistakes that he a remembers may differ materially from those blunders attributed to him fans and foes. For example, one of his personal failures, gates believes the launch of the Android operating system, which, he said, was to launch itself Microsoft.

Allow Google to launch a mobile platform to compete with Apple’s iOS was the biggest mistake of Microsoft, admits gates. Of course, we are not talking about resolution, which Microsoft was never asked, and its ability – financial and technical – to do the same the operating system itself. Through her company could gain a foothold in the mobile market, and not to trail behind Apple and Google in the position of catching up with its Windows Phone that had no prospects at the moment of its publication.

What could be Android

“Android has become the standard platform for mobile devices, which was not similar to iOS. But she had to release it to Microsoft, not Google, because it was so natural for us and could lead us to victory. It really would be a real victory, because the only way Microsoft could compete with Apple on equal footing,” said bill gates.

Actually at Microsoft there was a chance not only to create their own operating system for mobile devices from scratch, and to take possession of it Android. Few people know that Google itself has developed a “green robot”, and bought it from the startup of the infamous Andy Rubin, the founder of the company Essential. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 50 million. Therefore, nothing prevented Microsoft to get ahead of the search giant and redeem the OS itself, but at that moment in Redmond found all this rat race, preferring to focus on desktop devices to work.

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