Bill Gates says that the mistake most was to allow for Android to win

Bill Gates says that the mistake most was to allow for Android winning.

In a television interview this week, I thought Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft and its chairman, former CEO, admitted that the biggest mistake it is to allow for Android winning.

In these days, spend Bill Gates most of his time in the management of the largest charity in the world, but before that, he ran Microsoft.

During his tenure, the company grew Microsoft from a small group in New Mexico to Kiev huge it almost pulls the Apple in the nineties, before I resign from the work of the executive in 2000 and the banner of the daily work to Steve Ballmer .

Remained the gates in the post of chairman of the board and chief architect programs until 2006 when he began reducing his role in the company.

Therefore, the gates that it was possible to lay the groundwork for Microsoft to compete with Apple in the mobile phone long before the appearance of faith, where the back of the report for the first time in 2007 .

He assured gates that Google Well done, the processing of the Android system which I got in 2005 and became a stable and famous in 2009, and his company were at this time providing phones Windows iPhone, which couldn’t compete, and the police decided to finally stop supporting him once and for all .

Recently Bill Gates for Android comes in the 12th minute of the video above .

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