Bill Gates: the loss of Android was the biggest mistake to me

Approved by Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft is that the loss of the Android operating system was the biggest mistake in the history of the company.

He expressed his view about the software market especially when we talk about the region, the success in these markets means control over the largest share, the loss also meant to be the Biggest Loser, where is no place for the center.

The view that Android was in the beginning of it as a standard port for phones that are not manufactured by Apple, therefore it was natural for Microsoft to succeed in this field and suitable to Apple TV only, where the winner dominates.

Gave Gates the size of the market systems and smart phones of the non Apple apps worth $ 400 million which it would have if successful.

Acquired Google on Android in 2005 of $ 50 million only, and when its concentration was Google thinking on Microsoft and its Windows Mobile.

It is believed the majority that the failure of Microsoft’s in control of the smartphone market dates back to the era of the management of Steve Ballmer described the iPhone as “the phone the most expensive will not be appropriate for businesses because it does not carry a real keyboard”.

The Windows Mobile is compatible with keyboards only real while to become apparent to more phones download touch screen on PC special supported by.

At the end of 2008, Microsoft decided to abandon Windows Mobile and re-launch it on the form of Windows Phone, which has become supports touch screens.

With that some of the fateful decisions which were released from Microsoft and its efforts in the field of mobile operating systems weren’t signed a Bill Gates, but that the timing of his exit in July 2008 of the company after he was the chief architect of the software was critical.

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