Billy Ailes: star of the video Apple released their first album. Listen

Sometimes you just want to hop in the car, press the gas and go on an unknown journey. And here precisely not to do without appropriate multi-genre music, which also helps to feel the freedom, but at the same time sometimes makes one think about why is all. An excellent guide in this can be Billy Iles – California, singer, songwriter and dancer who has just ethereal indie-electro-pop vocals.

Billy Ailes is one of the main performers, which this year will be the centre of attention. At 17 years of age she has already become more popular stars like Cardi B, Travis Scott, Halsey, and even Sam Smith. What’s her secret? Although Ailes think rising star in the world of indie-pop scene, she’s actually not tied to any one genre. It produces a completely different composition such that a single track can be calm and lyrical, and the other is already perfect for a cool party.

In his debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, which was released on March 29, the singer cannot change himself. It contains different tracks: some enjoy the vocals Eilis (for example, “party is over”), and others already show the character of a rebellious spirit which does not hesitate even to have a funeral (“bury a friend”). This combination makes the album interesting for the listeners with different musical preferences.

However, as you may have heard earlier songs Billy Ailes — no wonder the same track “when the party’s over” actively stormed the world charts, and Kip to “bury a friend” has garnered over 40 million views in just two weeks after the release.

And her track “come out and play” sounded even in the animated Christmas movie Apple.

We have listened to the new album Ailish and I can not mention his multiannual and mysterious ability of some of the tracks to get to turn them on repete. Someone in the editorial found in common with Lana Del Rey, but the majority came to the conclusion that it is an independent singer with his own style. And the fact that Ailes grew up in a family of actors and musicians, clearly plays her hand, shocking her to take.

To see the tracks of an album at this link.

To listen to the album

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