Binance gives cryptocurrency on 225 thousand dollars. How to win money?

Binance again pleases its customers — at this time the exchange starts from two test networks to work with the platform Binance Futures. Users have the opportunity to try out both versions and vote for their favorite. The developers will take into account the opinion of the community at the launch of the final version of the platform. In addition, for the traders have prepared a competition and nice prizes.

How to make money on Binance?

The one who guesses and vote for the eventual winner, will receive a discount of 50 percent Commission for opening of transactions on the Futures on Binance a month. The contest will run from 3rd-8th September, to participate you need to pass the reference platform and add your vote. Note that that will count the votes only of those users who have made at least a few deals in testate.

The prize pool for all test participants Binance Futures is 10 thousand BNB or about 225 thousand dollars at the current rate. Its amount is divided into two halves, that is, the testers platforms A and B will get 5000 BNB. And even on test accounts will allocate on 100 thousand virtual coins USDT, which you can use to make trades.

Source: Twitter

The rules are simple — the accounts with the highest trading volume, i.e. the sum of transactions on purchase and sale, will receive prizes. The rating of winners consists of 50 places and awards will be distributed evenly. For the first place will give 1000 BNB for the second and third — BNB, 500 and 300 respectively. Places from fourth to tenth will share the prize Fund in the amount of 1200 BNB. Other winners will get part of the amount in the amount of 2,000 BNB. Information about the awards presented in the table below.

Source: Binance

Also have a test phase Binance Futures have the following conditions:

  • participants must use the same email to test both platforms;
  • votes will be accepted only from those who carried out transactions on Futures Binance. Everyone can vote a maximum of once.
  • rewards will be distributed within two weeks after completion of the competition;
  • test coins USDT will not have real economic value, cannot be exchanged for Fiat;
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel the contest or review the results of the distribution of rewards.

In the end we have another cool marketing move from Binance to promote its new product. By the way, recently the exchange has satisfied the easiest poll in Twitter: followers have to answer for what percentage of the users of the Lending platform to give their BNB reserves. The answer is obvious — 15 percent. While three random people from the winners received the equivalent of $ 50 in the crypt. Easy money!

Blog Binance also did not miss the opportunity to remind you that trading transactions with cryptocurrencies is very risky, so users have to make them at your own risk. However, Binance Futures still makes sense to test. Vote for your best platform and subscribe to our cryptcat millionaires!


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