Binance launch decentralized crypto currency exchange on its own blockchain

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which last week suffered hacker attacks, has announced the launch of its own blockchain Binance Chain. Subsequently, the company will create a decentralized marketplace, writes Cointelegraph.

Binance save reputation after the break

The developers have analyzed the working mechanisms of decentralized exchanges, and decisions made by other market participants. Based on the data Binance creating a hybrid centralized and decentralized platforms, says the company.

As a public blockchain Binance Chain will mainly focus on trade blockchain assets and their transfer, as well as provide new opportunities for the future influx of blockchain assets. Two solutions will coexist in the near future, complementing each other and having relationships.

The company also intends to transfer to a private blockchain cryptocurrency Coin Binance (BNB), which currently operates in Ethereum based on the standard ERC-20. As the conversion will affect the holders of the cryptocurrency, the company said.

After the publication of the statements of the BNB increased its rate as of 14:30 Moscow time has grown by 27.25% to $10,33. Later Binance Coin fell back to $9,64.

Start your own blockchain platform — Binance attempt to restore the reputation after hacking the accounts of users of the exchange. Hackers are unable to steal money from the accounts, and the management of the exchange appointed for information about the award in 250 thousand dollars.

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