Binance plays 50 thousand BNB. How to get money?

Technical Department Binance has completed the scheduled maintenance of the exchange, trades in the normal mode is resumed from four o’clock in the afternoon Moscow time. Withdrawal planned for a little later. To Express gratitude for the patience of its customers, Binance will distribute 50 thousand BNB and will provide several upgrades to VIP account.

The conditions of competition

To participate in the distribution, the volume of transactions of the user in the period from 15 to 19 may (3:00 Moscow time) should be at least 1 bitcoin. This includes how buying and selling cryptocurrency. Taking into account all the trading pairs available on Binance.

A pool of 50 thousand coins will be distributed among those who fulfill all the conditions.

In addition, users with VIP status will receive a increase 1 level. Upgrade will be valid for a week. For example, traders with account VIP level 3 will increase to VIP 4, and he will pay less commissions for trades. More detailed information about the conditions of obtaining VIP status is posted on the information page of the exchange.

The contest will also be additional terms:

  • Binance reserves the right to make some amendments to the rules of the draw;
  • in the total volume of trade transactions traders will not be considered wash trading (creating fake volumes);
  • Binance reserves the right of disqualification of those suspected of involvement in market manipulation
  • rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the end of the competition;
  • the contest is not involved sub-accounts.

Source: Cryptocoin Spy

Warning: investing in cryptocurrencies involves huge risks. Binance not responsible for any direct, indirect or any other losses as a result of the competition. Please treat your contributions with the utmost care.

Trading has resumed, so you can try to compete for the prize. The main thing — be careful and always do your own research. About the success of our readers get to know cryptodata.


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