Binance, presented a debit card to pay for cryptocurrency in any store in the world

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the imminent launch of their own debit card in partnership with Visa. With Binance Card — so it’s called a clients trading platform will be able to pay with bitcoin at online and payment terminals 200 countries. So far, the map is undergoing beta testing, but initially it will launch in Malaysia and Vietnam. Later the company will expand facilities in other countries and the local currency. Judging by the published information, it has huge potential. Including for the promotion of cryptocurrency in the world.

It is reported that users Binance Card will be able to transfer to the card bitcoins and Binance Coin using the app exchange. When paying for a product or service point of sale will automatically receive the equivalent amount in local currency, and from the buyer's account will immediately be debited the correct number of coins.

From here we draw the obvious conclusion that to use the card, you need to have an account on the exchange. By the way, the platform enables you to buy and sell the cryptocurrency for conventional money on Bank cards. Read our statement in a separate article.

Binance карта card приложение

All will look approximately so

How does a payment card from Binance

The principle of operation of the card in the video published on the page in Twitter the Director General of the exchange Chanpen Zhao. In fact, the Binance payment Card at the time of the transaction does not yield the normal credit card. It looks fast and convenient.

Obviously, the coins will be converted to conventional money and accrue to the sellers. But the user balance will be charged exactly BTC or BNB.

Zhao also noted that the proliferation of Binance Card will play an important role in increasing the adoption of digital assets, because now cryptomnesia can very convenient to spend their coins almost anywhere in the world. That is on a par with conventional Bank cards.

Chanpen stressed that this is a debit card, not credit. That is to pay you only the expense of own means.

The crypt now can be spent on a variety of goods and services. However, the vast majority of ordinary captainvalor is not possible to buy necessities at the nearest store. Fortunately, with Binance Card do not have to worry about the exchange of crypts on a normal currency. And to spend time on it too.

Debit card exchange will be made in more than 40 million merchants worldwide who now accept a conventional Visa card.

Карта кошелёк Visa

Visa cards now accepted in almost any conventional or online store the world

While it is unknown when the card will be available in the CIS countries. Now it is available only in virtual, but soon her physical version will be available in Malaysia and Vietnam. To become the owner of the card, you need to download the official mobile app Binance, pass the procedure of identity verification and make a Deposit of $ 15 into your account. While you can subscribe to receive alerts on the map on the product website.

Binance Card карта сайт

Interest in the product expressed so

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With the app, users will be able to keep track of all your transactions, control security settings, maps, and contact technical support. In fact, a mobile app Binance is a “cryptocurrency version of” a modern mobile banking.

Приложение Binance биржа

Mobile app Binance very comfortable and they will be able to use even far from the cryptocurrency of the people

If the card Binance is really comfortable and with relatively low commissions, I would not mind to have it. Binance can make a convenient "bridge" between the crypt and traditional currencies. Thanks to him, digital assets, finally, you can easily spend on any product.

However, hadlich in this case will be harder — especially if you keep coins on the exchange. Yet in this case, the temptations to spend money on something that will be much more. So it is better to store coins on a hardware wallet.

And you wait for the Binance Card? About the emergence of cards in Russia (if it will), you’ll get in our cryptodata millionaires.


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