Birth rates for both the Android and iOS reached the highest level ever


Due to the way in which the design of the operating systems of the smartphones, they work to protect users by linking their purchases to their accounts. This means that the switch from iOS to Android or vice versa is not a simple matter. That is also why it is not surprising to see why still users are loyal for a specific operating system.

In fact, according to statistics issued by the institution CIRP specialized in market research, it appears that birth rates for both iOS and Android have become higher than ever. According to the listing, the rate of loyal users for the Android system is approximately 92 percent, which makes it outperform slightly on the rate of loyal users for iOS which stands at 91 percent. The institution CIRP also noted that this boy growing may also refer to the upgrade cycles longer, which would explain the falling sales of the iPhone because more customers need their smartphones for a longer time.


According to Mike Levin, co-founder of CIRP, has stated by saying : ” the birth rate the highest level ever. Have seen both systems developed at the level of the birth rate in the last few periods, where the customer has become comfortable with the features of their operating system with. If learning a new operating system requires effort, so turn a small number of customers to switch to the operating system. Add to that that the quality and reliability of the new smart phones help in the extension of the courses of Education “.

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