Bitcoin 100 thousand dollars became the object of monetary

U.S. clearing platform LedgerX that works with cryptocurrency derivatives gave the opportunity to retail investors to bet on the rise of Bitcoin. Investors are invited to guess whether the price of an asset $ 100 thousand by 2020. A call option on 100 thousand means that the current price of the major crypto currencies can increase at least ten times the market capitalization of the asset will reach $ 2 trillion.

This “bullish bet” on Bitcoin in fact is the first cryptocurrency derivatives, which provides an opportunity for ordinary citizens to interact with Bitcoin. Recall that LedgerX has been approved by the Commission on trade commodity futures U.S. (CFTC).

In turn, institutional investors can trade derivatives over the platform for about two years. According to General Director LedgerX Paul Chou in an interview with Bloomberg, each of such clients ‘ assets in the amount of 10 million to a billion dollars, and they all showed great interest in the new product.

Dozens of such institutions back to us as soon as we launched this new type of contract. We understand that 100 thousand — the numbers were impressive, but many of Cryptoprotected know and remember that once Bitcoin was worth 1 dollar, and then 10, 100, and now 10 thousand. Therefore 100 thousand of us are not confused.

There will be more instruments for investing in Bitcoin

In June, the world’s largest supplier derivatives exchange BitMEX has announced a record number of contracts amid rising Bitcoin to 13 thousand. According to the company, the open interest to cryptocurrency derivatives has reached a billion dollars.

Also this week, the Fund for the management of digital assets Grayscale Investments registered a record volume of assets under management — $ 2.7 billion.

In addition, less than a week the market will finally see the launch platform for futures Bitcoin physical delivery settlement. After several transfers of the project should start on July 22. In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other useful information.

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