Bitcoin above $ 8,000. Bulls continue to attack

Bitcoin crossed the level of 8000 dollars even sooner than expected by most traders. This week began with a complete domination of the bulls on the market. Judging by the mood among investors, the growth of the main crypto-currencies will continue in the coming days.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at $ 8088. For the past day coin has risen in price almost for 14 percent, and its market capitalization rose to 143,15 billion dollars. The index of dominance of Bitcoin has surpassed 60 percent, which indicates a serious drop in the prices of altcoins relative to BTC.

A new record for each day

The price of Bitcoin reached a new annual high, while the market shows no signs of reducing the pressure from buyers. Unfortunately, to enjoy the growth of only those, whose portfolio consists mainly of BTC. The top altcoins to trade pairs with Bitcoin is falling, though in the background bullrun their price against the dollar is increasing.

Recall the last time such a high index of dominance of the main cryptocurrency was recorded in December 2017, when Bitcoin reached its historical maximum in the region of 20 thousand dollars.


According to the statistics of Google Trends, there’s plenty of space for growth. On the background of the break several resistance levels the number of search queries about Bitcoin is almost not increased. In other words, people outside of kriptonyte still do not feel the fear of losing potential profit with BTC. Everything can change in just a few days, as Bitcoin grows in a very limited period of time.

Overall, around Bitcoin have accumulated so many positive factorsthat we can count on a fast increase up to 10 thousand dollars. It seems that this line is the new target of the assault of the bulls in the medium term.

The situation on the market follow our cryptodata of hontarov.


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