“Bitcoin and should not be quick”. The statement of the representative Blockstream

From the beginning of 2019 Bitcoin began to grow. Recently, the cryptocurrency has shown a few spikes, eventually surpassing the mark of $ 8,000. Moreover, any significant correction is still not followed. The situation led the trust to cryptorhynchus and optimism of the community to a new level. Themselves cryptanalysts now hope for a brighter future of virtual assets.

Once doubts arose last month in the popularity of solutions of the second-level scalability of the Bitcoin Network Lightning began to decline. The head of the security Department in Blockstream Samson MOU said that the speed “of transactions in the Bitcoin network has never been a serious problem”. In a recent interview with max Kaiser, he drew attention to the fact that Bitcoin “and should not be quick”.

The largest cryptocurrency needs to act as a store of value, the ecosystem for the exchange of wealth between the subjects. While the main purpose of Bitcoin is the reliability of the system.

MOU believes that the relatively long transaction processing in the network should be a feature of Bitcoin, not a bug.

If you need something like money, but now the world is full of altcoins. I don’t really understand them, because they’re just copies. You want to get a really reliable money, bulletproof.

Reaction from the Bitcoin Cash

This review of Samson MOU quickly responded supporter of BCH , Roger Ver. It’s under the username @Bitcoin began to remind everyone about previous statements, when the MOU itself vilified Bitcoin. He used to call his terrible payment system, which is not suitable for people whose daily expenditure does not exceed two dollars.

Source: Twitter

Do not quite understand what was this argument: in fact the opinion of the MOU have not changed. He still considers the Bitcoin a means of preserving value, not a payment instrument. In our cryptodata there are many other useful information on the topic, visit.

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