Bitcoin can be banned in 112 countries. Scientists have found in the blockchain child pornography

A former employee of the national security Agency USA (NSA) Edward Snowden published secret information that showed on the surveillance Department to the holders of Bitcoin. According to him, the NSA developed the system allows you to monitor the activity of buying and selling coins. Now around the first cryptocurrency, a new scandal erupted. The staff of the Rhenish-Westphalian University of Aachen found in the Bitcoin blockchain hundreds of links to child pornography, writes Gizmodo.

Bitcoin found porn

The researchers analyzed 1600 files that are contained in the code of a cryptocurrency. Most of them were links, while eight of the files contained images of a sexual nature. At least one of them depicted a minor, scientists say.

Our analysis shows that certain content, in particular, illegal pornography, can make the mere possession of bloccano illegal.

In addition to the images, the researchers found 274 links for content associated with the abuse of children, and 142 of the links in the “darknet”.

Child pornography is illegal in 112 countries, which can make the possession of Bitcoin illegal. Files are enclosed in code, you cannot change or delete is one of the characteristic features of technology of the distributed registry. Any system that works on its basis, may be considered illegal.

About the dangers of the blockchain due to the presence of the so-called “fixed open space” previously reported by Interpol. It is possible to store any information, including any malicious software or any other illegal content.

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