Bitcoin dust does not harm the network and the owners wallets. Expert opinion

Known in the industry Bitcoin-the expert and the author of several popular books Andreas Antonopoulos spent the next blitz session with subscribers to the YouTube channel. This time he touched on the topic of Bitcoin dust of affliction that’s affected many users of cryptocurrencies around the world. The attackers sent out a tiny amount of bitcoins for tens of thousands of wallets. In the end, the owners of the wallets received a non-consumable transaction, because the amount of bitcoins received was less than the potential fee for the transaction.

As noted Antonopoulos in the long run these coins will not always be without prospects use.

They cannot be sent at the current price of Bitcoin and the Commission level. But when the price will increase, and the fee will be reduced to almost zero, users will be able to spend these few Satoshi.

Andreas Antonopoulos gave an interesting comparison of the money with the”filing, which has long been hanging in your back pocket and constantly falls on the sofa”. That is like money, but not much to spend. As for the potential damage that Bitcoin dust could cause the network or the users, the expert gave a confident negative answer.

The worst thing that can make dust — it’s just forever remain in your wallet. In a positive scenario the price will rise and you will be able to spend it.

As generally arranged in a Bitcoin transaction?

Not so long ago the eternal Bitcoin maximalist in one of his videos clearly explained about the life cycle of the transaction on the blockchain. If you still don’t understand the Bitcoin transaction device, do not forget to read this article.

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