Bitcoin enthusiasts again bet about the size of a unit of cryptocurrency. What size would be optimal?

Cryptologist confident in the bright future of Bitcoin, especially given the rising bullish indicators. However, the consensus on the optimal block size is never found. Known in the community, the co-owner of and under the name Cobra has again raised this issue. In his opinion, for the good support network Lightning block size needs to increase. However, he noted, and growing problem in the community.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin

According to Cobra, the situation looks like.

Reality: the block size in Bitcoin will need to be increased, as even Lightning can not cope with high commissions.
Problem: the lion’s share of the community was a prisoner of ideology is necessary in a small block size. Now it will be difficult to get rid of it.

Cobra tried to withstand the onslaught of Bitcoin enthusiasts, who believed that Bitcoin was not created to work on the Lightning Network. He retorted that the widespread use of the coins would allow users to avoid large commissions.

When we are constantly forced to pay large transaction fees, increasing the block size will simply be inevitable.

While there were enthusiasts who remembered about the risks associated with increasing block size. A Twitter user under the nickname @jordanBTCplz noted the following.

Speak for yourself. For me, a high Commission rather than an additional risk to fall under censorship or confiscation.

Initially, the size of the unit of Bitcoin was limited to the number of database nodes required for processing. This limit was about 500-750 thousand serialized bytes. However, in 2010 a specific block size of 1 megabyte was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The eternal conflict over the size of the block of Bitcoin is built around the security of a cryptocurrency. It is believed that the increase in size can lead to serious risks.

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