Bitcoin has set the annual maximum rate, but investors from Russia is not enough

For the first time the mainstream media “firmly engaged” with Bitcoin after the main cryptocurrency has broken the resistance level at 10 thousand dollars more in 2017. The peak of interest of publicity relative to BTC fell at the end of December — that’s when Bitcoin has set a new historical maximum value. However, with the arrival of the bears on the market situation has changed dramatically.

After the fall of the main digital asset of him ceased to remember. Rare news appeared in financial publications, but outside of cryptococci about Bitcoin almost forgot. Most recently, he has again fixated above 10 thousand dollars, but the popularity of the former is still to be seen. And what about all the investors think of Russia? Let’s look at the statistics of Google Trends.

In search of FOMO

The first sign of the growing popularity of Bitcoin became known, when cryptocurrency has overcome its previous historical maximum level of $ 1,200. Then the opponents of the BTC “for the first time, shut your mouth” — by coincidence, it became clear that Bitcoin is far from dead and ready to surprise the community with a new record price.

To the line of 10 thousand dollars, interest in bitcoin has grown fairly smoothly, but after overcoming this mark the number of queries in the Bitcoin Google Trends has increased significantly. However, such a high level of popularity did not last long — after the start of a bear market it at the same rate began to decline.

Source: Google Trends

The days of young Bitcoin millionaires quickly ended, and the statistics of interest of the masses in Russia have returned to normal. What about the number of search queries in the scale the past year? On the line, there is no clear trend visible only insignificant growth of interest in Bitcoin over the last couple of months. It can be attributed to increase of asset prices, which started in April.

Source: Google Trends

We choose an even smaller scale. According to users ‘ requests in the last 7 days, the peak of interest in the cryptocurrency was set just the day when it was fixed above the line of 10 thousand dollars.

Source: Google Trends

Note that on 22 June, Bitcoin appeared in several major news publications. Most likely, these publications aroused the interest of Russian investors.

When will the new records?

Bitcoin has set a new yearly high yesterday, but the event hardly caused a surge of excitement around a digital asset. Why? Bitcoin is already the second time passes through the line of 10 thousand dollars, therefore, most likely, even some of captainvalor were not so blindsided by this.

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Historically, each new record of Bitcoin, which is installed for the first time, accompanied by a sharp growth of interest from the public. Most likely, the next spike on the graph of Google Trends we will see after the jump of Bitcoin is above the historic maximum price.

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