Bitcoin investors panicked after the growth rate above 10 thousand dollars

Friday Bitcoin sharply broke through the key resistance level of 9 thousand dollars. Then, the cryptocurrency quickly overcame the price of 10 thousand and by Saturday morning had grown to 11.2 thousand dollars. Prior to that, analyst Tom Lee of Fundstrat predicted that after overcoming the mark of 10 thousand among the investors there will be an effect FOMO. It seems that is what happened on Friday. As noted cryptanalytic service ViewBase on the stock exchanges there has been a significant influx tablconv.

Literally within the hour after breakout at the level of 10 thousand dollars on the stock exchange flowed backed by the US dollar cryptocurrencies. This indicates that large holders of cryptocurrency redistribute capital back into the Bitcoin space on a background of growth. It is not clear how the exchange tablconv to BTC affected the market, but most likely negligible.

Source: Ethereumworldnews

Tether again prints millions USDT

Because stabilini again massively flooded the crypto currency exchange, the issuing company USDT Tether decided to release even more of their tokens. A lot more. In addition to the release of unsubstantiated tokens is obvious that the company and its partners like Bitfinex or investors started to pour money into the ecosystem tablconv in anticipation of greater demand for USDT and Bitcoin.

Now the number of USDT in circulation has reached $ 3.8 billion — the highest figure in history. Of course, the event can be attributed to growing investor interest.

Source: Ethereumworldnews

Due to the large sales and a large number of new tokens USDT starts to fall and is now trading at 0,9947 dollar. This can happen when investors massively dumped stabilini in favor of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets with large capitalization.

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