Bitcoin is a speculative mechanism for gambling. The opinion of broker

Recent price spikes Bitcoin sparked a new debate among analysts, cryptoendoliths and critics. As criticism was made by CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff. By the way, he previously spoke out against the largest cryptocurrency. This time in the interview with max Kaiser Schiff called Bitcoin a speculative mechanism for gambling.

The expert not under any circumstances do not agree with the Bitcoin in the role of digital gold and believes that the coin may be that the “gold of fools”. The Schiff admits some common features of cryptocurrency and gold. He also stated that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.

His only value is the price that people are willing to buy it, then to sell expensive. I’ll say even more. Inclined to think that Bitcoin is a banal financial pyramid.

The Director General also criticized a new advertising viral video and flash mob #DropGold from Greyscale. In the cryptocurrencies as the future.

I believe that there is no use in cryptocurrencies, no. Except that, as I already said, you can use them in gambling.

In his view, Bitcoin as a medium of exchange has many disadvantages. At least to use BTC for these purposes, it will be too expensive and difficult.

Did the criticism of Bitcoin?

Simultaneously, independent cryptanalyst Willie Wu is confident that the Bitcoin very soon may surpass the most popular precious metal by market capitalization.

It is also worth noting that profitability for the current year the main cryptocurrency seriously bypasses gold, oil, bonds and stocks. Even the stock of Tesla is not able to keep pace with the rapid growth of BTC.

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