Bitcoin is already too big to destroy it

To bypass the cryptocurrency party is impossible. Now talking about them not only ordinary citizens, but the President of the United States of America. We will remind, quite recently, Donald trump mentioned in his Twitter the first cryptocurrency and altcoins. And although he put a coin not in the best light, his message sure was good publicity digital assets.

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano live on Squawk Box on CNBC mention this significant event. According to experts, Bitcoin has already become too a global phenomenon in the world. Cryptocurrency cannot be ignored and it definitely is useless to fight.

Not one step back

So trump calls cryptocurrencies a tool for illegal market manipulation. The President also mentioned the Libra, indicating that this project will be “difficult” without some degree of reliability.

Pompliano considers the point of view of the tramp is not quite correct. The expert said that unlike Libra, Bitcoin is completely decentralized, so has a lot more advantages in comparison with its competitors. This is another guest of Squawk Box Joe Kernen, on the contrary, supports the words of Donald trump.

However, the project is Satoshi Nakamoto already too deeply embedded in the minds of people. No matter how hard policy, to eradicate the Bitcoin will not succeed. Due to the peculiarities of decentralized cryptocurrency has the potential to survive the US dollar in the long term.

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In addition, cryptonote has already received the attention of the head of the Federal reserve system Jerome Powell. Earlier, at the next meeting of the U.S. Congress, Powell said that Bitcoin could become profitable alternative to gold.

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