Bitcoin is garbage and useless currency. The opinion of the lead Shark Tank

Kevin O’leary during an interview with financial news edition of CNBC called Bitcoin is garbage and useless currency. Recall, he is also the founder of the SoftKey — the company’s annual revenue is estimated at Owler is $ 29 million. O’leary is a part-time leading American reality show on the subject of business Shark Tank with far 2009.

His position, he argued that Bitcoin is extremely unstable, and therefore, those who accept him, want to be reassured. He also told how he tried to carry out the operation of real estate in Switzerland and wanted to use bitcoins. The experience turned extremely negative, and hence formed his negative attitude toward cryptocurrency. In particular Kevin notes that it is impossible without a risk to get in and out of Bitcoin for large amounts.

All claim — you can, you can. What happens if the recipient wants guarantees? Let’s say you want to buy land for $ 10 million in Switzerland… the seller will want assurance that your payment will not turn to dust immediately after purchase. And in the case of bitcoin, this scenario is quite real. That is, it’s not a currency.

According to O’leary, no serious person is willing to take a risk on something that someone plays on volatility of Bitcoin. That is why by itself, the cryptocurrency worthless.

How is Bitcoin?

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It is worth noting that in the last two weeks Bitcoin grew significantly in price, and the day before crossed the mark of 8000 dollars. This is partly associated with the ongoing major conference Consensus and news from Bakkt. According to representatives, the company will launch its platform for trading Bitcoin-futures for the past couple months.

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