Bitcoin is no longer the most popular cryptocurrency in darknet. Who took his place?

The popularity of Bitcoin in darknet is understandable. In General, the use of cryptocurrencies is growing at least due to the fact that they ensure the anonymity of the transaction in three directions: hide the sender, recipient, and amount of transaction. In this respect to Eclipse the greatness of the father of all cryptocurrencies are only two projects: Monero and zcash for. According to the Investor Wallet that this year, the first place on popularity among users of the darknet was released Monero. Zcash for second spot in the rankings.

In the last few years usage of Bitcoin in secret the Internet is gradually eroding. BTC does not disclose the identity of the sender, but anyone can monitor its transactions and balance. Obviously, because of this, some sites have begun to adopt more anonymous coins.

Who uses anonymous digital currencies?

Cryptocladopelma the company has conducted another study, which gave interesting results. For example, the most popular Monero has gained on the American and European markets, the darknet.

Source: WalletInvestor

The report also studied about 50 leading online shops in darknet. Of these, 43 of the site took bitcoins, equivalent to 98 percent of all the investigated sites. 10 sites took XMR, and only 2 are ready to process payments in zcash for.

The representatives of the company conducted a survey among 200 users of the darknet, the anonymous cryptocurrency. 78 percent were male, 5 percent female. The remaining 17 percent chose not to disclose gender. It is worth noting that 69% of respondents — people aged 26 to 30 years. Another 22 percent fall in the age group 35-39 years, and another 14 percent were in the category from 31 to 34 years.

The study also touched on a very important issue. More than half of the users of anonymous cryptocurrencies bought them for recommendations on Twitter. On promotion in Reddit also succumbed to 22 percent, and 17 percent admitted that they were influenced by evangelicals on Youtube.

In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other useful information.

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