Bitcoin is really similar to the “rat poison”. Why is it good?

Economist Max Keiser is an ardent Bitcoinmaximalist and uses every public appearance as an opportunity to praise the virtues of cryptocurrency. Recently the program Kitco NEWS on TV channel RT Kaiser unexpectedly agreed with last year’s announcement by Warren Buffett regarding the project, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is really “rat poison”.

Today BTC is trading at 11 730 dollars. For the past day, the value of the coins has not changed, however, in the scope of one week , the cryptocurrency managed to rise by almost 22 percent.

This can hurt Bitcoin?

Kaiser believes that major investors from Chicago and new York are eagerly waiting for the right moment to join the bullish growth of the asset. This moment must come, but first the whales need to push the bulk of the market players to the coveted decision to buy more BTC.

The economist does not exclude that in the long run, Bitcoin has all the chances to win a dollar.

They will wait for a significant increase in rates before the market will be new futures for Bitcoin and then the value of BTC will begin to change with great speed. As soon as your CME introduced futures on Bitcoin, big investors have a lot more tools of influence on the stock market.

In the medium term the price of BTC must rise at least ten times. Kaiser did not give a specific time for discussion, but his message is clear — keep the Bitcoin if you don’t want to miss the best investment in your life.

Cryptocurrency will overtake the profitability of stocks, bonds, gold and everything else. She’s beating Warren Buffett. Remember, he once compared the Bitcoin rat poison? You know what? Buffett himself is a rat! Jamie Dimon is exactly the same!

Thus the Kaiser hinted that the cryptocurrency clearly undermine the status of bankers and investors from the traditional sector. On the question of how to cope with such high volatility of Bitcoin, the economist replied in a joking manner.

I build huge bonfires of Fiat in your living room and roast marshmallows on them.

In other words, the expert calls on everyone to spend more money to buy Bitcoin because the cryptocurrency is still growing in the long term. But one anonymous cryptokit disagree with him. Recently user with nick Krabby offered to bet the Creator of Binance Canpany Zhao and said that sure BTC will fall below $ 8,000 by the end of August.

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