Bitcoin is the perfect solution for reprovisioning the world. Why?

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano decided to speak about his recent tweet. As he said, the cause of misunderstanding by most people of the nature of cryptocurrencies is that they are “not for us”. That is, the coins supposedly originally created for cars. In a recent survey, Pompliano recognized that all physical assets — stocks, contracts and money — there had to be more “analog world”, whereas in fully reprovisioned world, their usefulness tends to zero.

Reprovisioning world he calls the world without borders that connects billions of people around the world. The world with a higher degree of communication and effective transmission of information and values, as well as a significant dependence on technology.

This digital world needs native assets. In this respect, Bitcoin is just perfect. At least because of its transparent character, and compatibility with machines, can not be said about the traditional money.

According to him, the wide acceptance of digital assets will be a catalyst for the spread lightning-fast international transactions with minimum Commission. He also suggested licenzirovanie securities as a more suitable alternative to traditional stock at least from the point of view of transparency.

Securities very well share and help us to create a whole new world possessions. Instead of just owning equity in a large Corporation like Apple machines will be able to offer the right of ownership in individual business units, individual product lines or even the opportunity to claim part of the money in a separate income stream.

Pompliano, believes that in the next ten years ziprasidone securities will use the large institutional players by default. And in most countries, the choice will fall on the native cryptocurrency.

More data look at cryptodata. The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies.

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