Bitcoin is the salvation for all mankind. Opinion Tim Draper

Venture investor Tim Draper is known for his love Bitcoin. The millionaire has repeatedly stated the benefits of cryptocurrency before Fiat in public. Recently, Draper called for the TV channel CNBC, where he explained why every investor should allocate at least a small part of his portfolio under the digital assets.

Last year Tim made some very interesting predictions of the future of Bitcoin. In October, the investor said that after a few years the crypt displace a Fiat in the global economy. Later, Draper predicted increase in the price of BTC up to 250 thousand dollars by the end of 2022. If you remember, the millionaire John McAfee is a much more optimistic forecast of a million for one bitcoin by the end of 2020.

The crypt — our salvation

Leading TV Squawk Alley Draper advised not to worry about the problems between the U.S. government and the project Facebook Libra. According to the millionaire, even exhibiting crypts in a negative light is it is. Sooner or later most people begin to wonder about the advantages of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin now can serve as the “salvation of humanity”. The project Satoshi Nakamoto huge potential to further decrease transaction fees. While Draper believes in the capacity growth of the cryptocurrency in the future.

The investor also believes premature regulation of the stock market mistake.

Facebook recently announced a Libra. They haven’t even shown a real product, but regulators have already pounced on them. Let’s give the company an opportunity to release the cryptocurrency in the release and see what happens. If there are problems, then please tell what you need.

Recall, the Draper managed to earn a lot on investing in Bitcoin. Millionaire expects that in the future BTC will remain the dominant asset in kriptonyte.

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