Bitcoin lose half its value in one month



One day, I suggested the composition of the price of 20 thousand dollars what causes fever buy large driven by ambition, profit accelerated that went unheeded as the decline in the price of the currency until day to less than 10 thousand dollars.

According to the trading platforms lost bitcoin $ 1600 of the price of it in one sitting to even 9,685 USD. Included landing months digital currencies such as metro, Ripley, and the composition of cash and Lightroom Queen has lost between 30-40% of their value.

Started last year at a price of $ 800 only, it has grown the price significantly and streets until he reached 19783 $ in the middle of last December, which like the peak can no longer be bypassed and from there began the Turkish groups.

In just one month lost a composition of about 10 thousand dollars of the price tag, almost half of its value keeps offices collected during the year.

He had been warned many investors, among them the famous Warren Buffett of the investment been as predicted at the end of her sad, like the rest of the digital currencies.

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