Bitcoin reached $ 6500, what’s next? The opinion of the Russian expert

This morning, Bitcoin has increased above $ 6500. In this period, the cryptocurrency was delayed seven hours, during which she even took the leap to the level of 6596 bucks. Suitable conditions for growth created positive news. For example, today the head of the investment firm Digital Galaxy Capital Management Mike Novogratz said about passing the bottom of the coin value. What will happen to the market next?

Analytics allow continued growth rates, according to RIA. The current situation is much more important than it seems. At the level of $ 6500 has all the chances to be crucial for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in General. This opinion is shared by PR-Director of Blockchain Capital Tugush Timothy Fortunatov.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate. The near future

The expert sees two versions of events. As always: it’s both positive and negative outcomes.

If the price can recover above 6.5 thousand dollars, we can expect further growth. If it decreases, then the possible withdrawal of up to 5 thousand dollars.

In the end, now it all comes down to waiting. The odds of a bullish outcome is analyst noted the growth of activity of buyers.

Bitcoin went sideways, and all that remains is the user’s guess will drop if Bitcoin is on or not. Currently on the market can be observed seizing the initiative by buyers. However, further growth may prevent a number of ambiguous aspects of kryptonyte.

Negative factors Fortunatov said. I hope this is a sign that to deal with them in the near future will not have.

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