Bitcoin started the week with a growth. What to expect from the coins?

On the morning of 15 October, the Bitcoin has pleased all hontarov course the first cryptocurrency has risen 9.1 percent to $ 6910. However to rejoice while early — experts believe that this week the coin will be traded in the red zone.

The relative stability of Bitcoin last week is unlikely to help the coin grow in the next seven days, if market participants do not show activity. It is, of course, talking about the bulls. This was stated by the analyst of “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov.

When I grow up Bitcoin?

In the coming days, Bitcoin needs to gain a foothold above the level of $ 6500, otherwise there is a risk of falling to the support level at 5600 dollars, he said. In the absence of negative news coin will be able to fulfill this condition, he said.

Agrees with him CEO of Enigma and co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov. According to him, in case of a fall Bitcoin will trade at $ 6050-6100. Reduction happen in the case of a large number of negative news. If this happens, the first cryptocurrency can grow to 6800 dollars and gain a foothold at this level.

Photo: Bloomberg

The main risk to Bitcoin this week — the publication of the report of the International monetary Fund (IMF). It says that cryptocurrency can make the financial system more vulnerable, continues Nurtdinov. However, we can already say that the coin have reacted calmly to the news.

Professor, chair of financial management, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Konstantin Ordov added that the market expects growth in the first crypto currencies, but this is unlikely to happen in the next seven days. According to him, the rate of 5800 $ is more likely than a rise to 6800 dollars.

Analysts interviewed by the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

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