Bitcoin will cost 60 thousand dollars. The only question is time

About Bitcoin recently, there are two types of articles. Some say that interest in bitcoin is dropping, as regulators continue to close her eyes. At the same time others are devoted to the statement of experts who are predicting Bitcoin ‘s bright future. Today we will focus on the bullish Outlook. If you believe the expert, Bitcoin will cost 20 thousand and 60 thousand dollars.

The bright future of bitcoin by predicting the BTCC founder Bobby Lee and financial Advisor Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee. These assumptions are gathered on Bitcoinist.

When Bitcoin will become popular

Bobby Lee wrote in his Twitter following.

When Bitcoin in the coming years will reach the value 60 thousand dollars, the total value of circulating coins will amount to a trillion dollars. This will be a significant milestone in the history of BTC, which will lead to more stable prices, global liquidity, and even to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency around the world.

In this statement, the most interest is the first word. Bobby Lee did not use the “if”. Instead it is “when”. It means that founder of BTCC there is no doubt that Bitcoin will be worth 60 thousand dollars. McAfee himself would have envied his confidence.

The forecast value of Bitcoin at the end of the year

What cryptocurrency should reach the mark of 60 thousand dollars, is clear. But what will happen this year? Before that, we heard a variety of predictions for the end not very successful.

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors shared his thoughts with CNBC. He believes that the path to success of Bitcoin will reach a cost of 20 thousand dollars by the end of 2018.

What forecast you are tempted? Go to the discussion in cryptcat of hontarov.

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