Bitcoin will promote English players. The community welcomes the initiative

This season the English Premier League on the shirts of Watford FC logo appears Bitcoin. This is one of the conditions of the sponsor platform for sports betting The initiative of the company has received approval from the Director General of the largest crypto currency exchange Binance Canina Zhao. According to him, the logo of the cryptocurrency in the form of players will do much for promotion of digital assets to the masses.

Football and Bitcoin

The progress of the company, commented head of marketing Department Sportsbet Justin Le Brock.

Cryptocommunist have supported us from the early days. The logo of Bitcoin on the sleeves of the players as a sign of gratitude and support for those who helped us on our way.

Note that Sportsbet was the first cryptomeria, logos which appear on the football field in the Premier League. Football club Watford will be a “platform for promoting advertising” by Sportsbet. All of this will play into the hands of the industry of cryptocurrency. The more fans get interested in Bitcoin after the match, the faster will increase the level of acceptance of a digital asset.

The initiative has already approved the head of the Binance Chanpen Zhao. Here is his review.

Smart move from Sportsbet. If they just used their own logo, I wouldn’t retweet it. It’s amazing how popular Bitcoin even without a marketing team.

The company also announced the start of the contest, the prize of which will be t-shirt with the logo of cryptocurrencies and the signatures of the players of Watford. There are other nice prizes to five randomly selected people who retinal the message below will receive a free bet 0.002 BTC on Sportsbet.

Cryptocurrency is not the first time appear in major sporting events. In 2014, the Dogecoin community has bought the right to advertise your project on one of the racing cars Nascar. Bitcoin investors tried to repeat this trick in 2018 they wanted to buy some airtime for their own advertising in the breaks between broadcasts of the Super Bowl Cup. Unfortunately, the national football League, the U.S. banned to promote Bitcoin.

And in December 2018 the Litecoin logo was applied on the ring during the fight, Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC. Maybe in the future is different cryptocurrencies will penetrate into different spheres of human life and attract more potential investors in the industry.

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