Bitcoin will rise in price to 55 thousand dollars after halving. Why acne Buterin don’t like it?

Last year the main motto of the stock market was the assertion that institutional investors will pull the industry out of the clutches of bears. A few months later the setting has changed — now most of cryptoendoliths expect halving Bitcoin.

Analyst under the name PlanB argues that the event, which will happen in may 2020 will be the main reason for the explosive growth of the coin. Because of the influx of new buyers of Bitcoin will rise up to 55 thousand dollars. However, the Creator of Ethereum , Vitalik Buterin does not believe in the long-term prospects of the main cryptocurrency.

. Immediately after halving

According to PlanB, model of inflation using the algorithm of Bitcoin Proof-of-Work itself requires stable growth in the value of a digital asset. In other words, after 2020, the capitalization of the main cryptocurrencies will reach a trillion dollars, and 1 BTC will be assessed at least 55 thousand dollars.

Another positive factor is that institutional investors are in search of a convenient tool for hedging risks in the global economy. Against the backdrop of massive fall in the value of world currencies Bitcoin could become “salvation” from the new financial crisis.

Source: NewsBTC

However, a series of kalingaw can’t last forever. Acne Buterin believes the deflationary model of functioning of the main cryptocurrency of serious vulnerability. He mentioned that now the miners earn about $ 7.2 million a day mining BTC, the greater part of this amount is directly mined coins.

When all the bitcoins are dug up, the blockchain will move to ensure miners only through commissions — suggesting that the number of transactions will remain at the same level. In the end the reward miners will be reduced 50 times. Earlier, the question of the maximum number of bitcoins have already been raised in cryptocommunist.

To date, production of all coins still have quite a lot of time, so you will still be able to earn millions at the next bullrun. To become the best investor, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat!


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