Bitcoin will rise to 333 thousand dollars after halving. Why this is not fiction

Kryptonyte full of eccentric personalities, predictions, and startups. Just think of John McAfee, who promised to enjoy a taste of your own genitals, if Bitcoin will grow to a million dollars by the end of 2020. Although the prediction of the millionaire, perhaps the most memorable, other experts, too, have something to surprise us.

Trader under the name Filb Filb recently published in his Twitter a very interesting chart of Bitcoin. Judging by the parabolic growth of the asset, the following bullrun can bring huge profit to the investors in the cryptocurrency. Himself analyst believes that such a model of behavior of the price of the coin due to the rules of its issuance, that is,alvingham.

New market cycle

Reducing the rewards per block Bitcoin is often described as one of the main triggers for all previous bull cycles cryptocurrencies. However, the Creator of Litecoin has a different opinion on this. Informed Charlie Lee mentionedthat halving of Litecoin had almost no impact on the price of the coin.

So when can I start to prepare for bullrun? According to Filb Filb, Bitcoin will find its bottom in the area from 2500 to 3100 dollars. If his prediction comes true, the growth of the stock market begins to gain momentum shortly after halving. The new maximum of cryptocurrencies lies in the district of 332 733 dollars.

One of the first cryptoendoliths trace Myers does not consider these predictions with something fantastic. In the long term Bitcoin will become a “big player” on the world stage. This will contribute to the development of a Lightning Network and coming into the industry many big investors with wall street. In other words, cryptocurrency will be the de facto standard investment for any financier.

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