Bitcoin will unite the whole world. And cryptocurrency from Facebook is not capable

Twitter co-founder and part CEO of Square Jack Dorsey believes Bitcoin is the only global currency of the Internet. According to him, the world is on the verge of fundamental changes in the economy, one of the reasons for which will be a cryptocurrency.

This morning Bitcoin trading at 8689 dollars. Coin surely went beyond the channel and even jumped higher than 8700. While its price increased by 5.4 per cent in 24 hours.

How Bitcoin will unite the world

Dorsey gave an exclusive interview to Quartz, in which he shared his views on the future of Bitcoin. Note that Jack has established himself as one of the most ardent supporters of the cryptocurrency. He expects mass adoption of BTC in the near future. In this project, Satoshi Nakamoto is able to unite the whole world.

This is our only opportunity to unite companies and countries around the world. Technology gives us clarity, innovation and access to Finance for all people.

Bitcoin, according to Dorsey, is regarded as one of the development cycles of the global financial system. In other words, “awesome brand” Bitcoin should become the new face of Finance.

As the number of BTC is severely restricted, the value of the asset will always increase. While the average user is considering whether to withdraw money from cryptocurrencies. Let’s say you spend bitcoins today, and after a week they will grow in price. From the point of view of psychology this is a very interesting phenomenon.

By the way, recently Jack has promised to introduce support Lightning Network in the Cash App. He noted that it is only a matter of time, and she LN will appear in the app with a probability of one hundred percent. Cryptanthus also took the opportunity to criticize the latest project from Facebook. Dorsey did not like centralized currency from Facebook.

We need a currency for the Internet. The world wide web is a system that should not be controlled by any company or government. It is the wealth of the world and all people. I hope that big tech giants recognize the value of a decentralized cryptocurrency, which can get absolutely any man.

Source: Bitcoinist

The project itself is unlikely Facebook will bring many benefits to ordinary citizens. Rather, it is just another centralized form of non-cash payments, dependent on the Fiat. As already said Dorsey, the economy needs to grow and Bitcoin is a new stage of its evolution.

A major role in mass adoption of the crypts may play marketplace Bakkt. Recall Bakkt will solve ten main problems of the market of digital assets and will attract a huge number of institutional investors.


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