Bitcoins for beer: BrewDog bar in London dumping cash

Kraft brewery BrewDog is known in the UK through a network of pubs for hipsters. Recently, the district one Canada square-the Wharf has opened a new bar under the same logo. It is notable that the payment is accepted in bitcoins, and the margin is tied to the FTSE 100, a British stock exchange. However, as the story in the Drinks Business, to buy beer for the crypt will be possible only with a separate beer draft.

All for a reason. Windows new bar overlook Bellmouth passage and the channel separating the North and South docks areas of London. This place is known as a trading hub. The bar owners claim that the price of beer will depend on movements in the stock market. If the FTSE goes up and the beer rise. If the index depreciates, you will be able to buy beer at a very good discount.

In his blog, the owners of BrewDog make special emphasis on the fact that this is the first point in the network, which will accept payment in cryptocurrencies. In addition, this is the second bar of the network where completely abandoned cash. The school recommends that visitors come with credit cards and a special card loyal customer Equity Punk ID Card. Obviously, therefore, the government wants to attract tourists who can pay with coins and not think about the need to change money.

Source: BrewDog

To add gloss high-profile opening of the bar at one Canada square Wharf, BrewDog also undertook the distribution of Bitcoin Cash. The first hundred visitors received on BCH-wallet of coins in the amount of from 12 to 100 pounds.

Earlier this month, a nightclub Bristol Mr. Wolf’s held an event where visitors could all night to buy beer with bitcoin. The owners were delighted how everything went. The event was dedicated to raising funds for a documentary that will talk about the importance of cryptocurrencies in modern society. More data look at cryptodata.

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