Bitcoins Mt. Gox are worth more than the gold reserves of the Swiss Central Bank

Some supporters of Bitcoin described as a digital gold, which in fact could be even the best version. Some predict that bitcoin will eventually exceed the market capitalization of the precious metal to 8 trillion and will be the main means of savings. Now the founder is Adamant Capital Tuur Demister calculated negotiable offer Bitcoin equivalent gold reserves of Central banks and shared with the community interesting data.

Current value of gold of the Netherlands Bank is about $ 25 billion. So, to purchase 69 thousand BTC [equivalent to the value of the gold reserve], the Bank needs to sell only 1 per cent of its gold, there are 492 gold ingot.

He further compared the value of bitcoins are still in a now broken crypto currency exchange Mt. Gox, with gold reserves of Central banks.

Source: CoinGape

Equivalents allow us to do a fun comparison. Confidant Mt. Gox BTC is now in control 137891 that the market share exceeds the gold reserves of the Swiss Central Bank.

Writes Coingape, recently, news about the creation of a new movement GoxRising group of victims of depositors of Mt. Gox. Their main goal is the complete rehabilitation of lost user funds and the revival of the once the largest trading platform. This initiative is Brock pierce. Earlier it was reported that it bought a 12 percent stake to the founder of the Mt.Gox jed McCaleb for 1 BTC.

According to Pearce, he is not interested in past achievements of the exchange, he just wants this story finished with happy end. Judging by his Manifesto, the movement can establish a Fund for the rehabilitation of 20 thousand depositors of Mt. Gox and even issue its own token Gox Coin, backed by a share in the revived company.

More data look at cryptodata. And the current rate of coins you can see in the class ranking of cryptocurrencies.

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