Bitfinex has increased the fee for withdrawal. Now exchange is not profitable PayPal

To convert the crypto to Fiat is not cheap, at least on Bitfinex. This Sunday the Hong Kong stock exchange updated its policy regarding commissions. Now traders will have to pay three percent of the frequent insights from the trading floor. Guide Bitfinex says that the new rules will affect only those who prints Fiat on a regular basis. According to them, such clients Bitfinex only one percent.

Pay more

The user will remove the three per cent, if its activity coincides with one of two conditions:

  • he led Fiat more often than twice in any 30-day period;
  • the total amount of the withdrawal exceeds one million dollars for any 30-day period.

It is noteworthy that the increase in fees put Bitfinex in one row with the payment system PayPal. According to NewsBTC, if a trader wants to withdraw from the stock exchange a million dollars, he will have to pay almost $ 30,000.

Many traders have not received notification from Bitfinex on time. Some even began to accuse the marketplace in a deliberate freezing of the funds of the users. They blame the stock exchange that it has turned into a Bank due to restrictions on output.

Twitter also discuss conspiracy theories associated with the Tether. Perhaps by raising commissions Bitfinex trying to artificially raise the demand for the tokens of his main partner, because the users will withdraw their money mainly in the USDT.

Other traders complain of silent support. Their withdrawal requests are not processed, so the forums is growing dissatisfaction with the service Bitfinex. On the stock exchange even complained to one of the whales that did many deals with digital assets, the total amount of $ 100 million.

The instructions for the cryptocurrency exchanges on the example of Cryptopia is here. Inside the screenshots and stepwise description of the process.


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