Bitfury will release a new chip for ASIC mining. Features and Hasrat model

Bitfury has announced the release of a new chip for Usikov, which will occur almost simultaneously with the release of a new generation of equipment. The company plans to implement its solutions in their data centers around the world. This writes Bitcoinist.

What can we boast about new asik

The announcement post commented the CEO of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov.

Bitfury takes into account all the factors: silicone packing, the efficiency of the chip for optimal power consumption, the cooling system and speed the development of new enhancements. We believe that through our methods, clients Bitfury will always get the best ROI on the market.

The new Bitfury chip Clarke built on 14-nanometer architecture and is designed for mining Bitcoin. According to the company, Clarke can go up to 120 wahahaha per second. The energy consumption of asik not exceed 55 millijoules on gigaherz with a minimum supply voltage of 0.3 volt.

The equipment maker also announced plans to integrate the next generation of chips in the mining centres of Canada, Georgia, Iceland and Norway. We will remind, earlier this year Bitfury has signed a formal agreement with the government of Norway before the establishment of the local mining centre.

More details about the new atikah can be found in our chat. Also don’t forget to visit the pool 2Miners.


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