Bitmain Antminer presented DR3 for mining Decred. Characteristics and profitability of new

Yesterday in Twitter Bitmain announced the start of sales of new asika Antminer DR3 for the production of Decred. The company said on good profitability and a normal power consumption model. But is it really? In the discussion thread of the new miner the company was immediately criticized for PreMain and inflated the cost of the equipment.

Features Antminer DR3

Asik gives 7.8 terhesa in energy consumption 1410 watts. The energy efficiency model up to 194 joules in one teraherz. New product weighs a whopping 8 pounds and is 673 USD. Unfortunately, at the moment the first batch of devices is already completely sold out. For buyers there is a limit of no more than two pieces of equipment in one hand.

To buy DR3 is possible for Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin or Litecoin. Sending the first Asimov buyers starts on September 26. Thus in Bitmain do not rule out delays in the production of needed equipment. We will remind, now the company has appeared quite a lot of work in connection with the release of a new 7-nanometer ASIC chip BM1391.

Profitability Antminer DR3

According WhatToMine, monthly income with DR3 when the price of electricity is 23 cents per kilowatt will amount to around 188 dollars. Note that in practice this figure will be much lower due to the ever increasing complexity of production Decred.

In addition, the issue of Asimov to the market will significantly affect the overall Hasrat coins. In the thread discussing the announcement of DR3 Bitmain had to call the “dear heater”. Users believe that buyers are unlikely to discourage the purchase price of the equipment. However, the current complexity DR3 will pay off almost four months.

Quick calculations show that it will be just an expensive garage heater.

Moreover, Bitmain suspected manipulation of Hasrat Decred suspiciously began to rise sharply since June this year. Representatives of the community believe that the manufacturer of Asimov himself mainil on the equipment before the start of its sales.

More details about payback DR3 we know after the first deliveries of Usikov their customers. The pros and cons of innovations can be discussed in our chat about the hardware, also don’t forget to visit the pool 2Miners.


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