Bitmain Antminer presented T17e and S17e. Characteristics and profitability of new ASIC miners

Blog Bitmain has information about two new devices for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash, which will soon go on sale. We are talking about the Antminer and Antminer S17e T17e. The demand for the previous model ASIC miner T17 was high, so the company has decided to grant him an extension of range.

Information about new atikah also posted in the official Twitter account of Antminer. Tweet looks right.

Outwardly, the two models are almost identical. Here is T17e.

Source: Bitmain

ASIC miners are released in three batches, the first sale will begin on 9 September. With the delivery of the first batch to the door buyers will be held before the beginning of November.

The contents

Features Antminer T17e

A hashing algorithm — SHA256.
Weight — 9.5 kg.
Price — not yet announced.
Dimensions — 298 x 175 x 304 mm.
Availability of power saving mode — Yes.
Announced Hasrat — 53 TH/s.
The estimated consumption — 2915 W.
The fan design is parallel.

Detailed specifications and unit prices on the Bitmain website yet, so to calculate the return of Asimov is impossible. By the way, is not specified and the chip technology. Most likely, they are 7-nanometer.

Features Antminer S17e

Have S17e of Hasrat anymore, so I’m assuming that asik will cost buyers more expensive.

A hashing algorithm — SHA256.
Weight — 10.5 pounds.
Price — not yet announced.
Dimensions — 338 x 175 x 304 mm.
Availability of power saving mode — Yes.
Announced Hasrat — 64 TH/s.
Estimated energy consumption is 2880 watts.
The fan design is parallel.

The profitability of T17e Antminer from Bitmain

Calculation of profitability we conduct using the service WhatToMine. Choose our algorithm (SHA-256) and specified according to the manufacturer of Hasrat and power consumption. The cost per kilowatt-hour set at 6 cents, that is about 4 rubles. Enter the data as skrishna below.

Source: WhatToMine

We obtain the following results.

Source: WhatToMine

A day Antminer T17e will bring 9.44 dollar in Bitcoin after deducting the cost of electricity. Per month with the device it is possible to earn 283.2 dollar.

Profitability S17e Antminer from Bitmain

Repeat the procedure for the second model. Consider that Hasrat S17e have a little higher.

Source: WhatToMine

As you can see, the profitability of ASIC miner at the same cost of electricity also will be greater. S17e will bring you to 12.34 dollars a day and $ 370 per month excluding electricity bills. Like a good idea, but we don’t know the price of the device, therefore, make premature conclusions about the profitability of buying is not worth it.

Bitmain continues to expand its line of ASIC miners and capture the market. The cost of the devices is not declared, therefore, to assess them from the point of view of a recoupment impossible. However, we can say that the naming of the models is difficult to understand them difficult. Look at all the devices available in the store of the manufacturer.


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