Bitmain has announced a new generation of 7-nanometer chips for mining. Major improvements

Representatives Bitmain announced a new generation of its 7-nanometer mining chip. According to the management, the company improved equipment able to produce more Hasrat with a much lower cost of electricity. The news appeared today in the official blog of Bitmain.

Minim more bitcoins

The updated range is called BM1397. Chips designed for mining Bitcoins and the Bitcoin Cash in the SHA-256 algorithm. We will remind, the previous generation 7-nanometer chips from Bitmain was released in November 2018.

BM1397 the new chip requires less power and can offer an excellent ratio of computing power to energy consumption — 30 joules on teraherz. Compared to the previous range of 7-nanometer chips BM1391 announced equipment more efficient at 26.6 percent.

It is assumed that BM1397 will provide Antminer S17 and T17. Unfortunately, representatives of Bitmain has not yet published the official release schedule of these ASIC miners.

Work on new products is partly the “saving thread” of the company, which suffered only one loss in 2018. We will remind, after a failed investment in Bitcoin Cash substantially all of the assets Bitmain devalued several times against the background of falling of the stock market. Only in the third quarter of last year the firm lost more than 740 million dollars.

In the next three months in Bitmain broke out a series of layoffs and reductions of offices in different parts of the world. The team BCH and Israeli research Department was abolished.

Source: Bitcoinist

In the end, bad luck led to a very suspicious action of the governing officials of the mining giant. In December, information appeared about the fact that Mikri Zhang and Cihan Wu leave their posts in Bitmain. In this IPO , the company also remains in question.


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