Bitmain released the Antminer firmware for S9 with AsicBoost. What has changed and where to download?

Antminer S9 is one of the most popular ASIC miners in the world. The model works on the SHA256 algorithm and earn bitcoins together with BCH. Now on the official website of Bitmain S9 is sold in five configurations, one of which even got water cooling. The manufacturer supports the device Antminer S9 today, got the new firmware with the activation of Overt AsicBoost. Understand why this is necessary.

On the output update, the company representatives said on Twitter. The staff noted that the update for other models on the basis of BM1387 is expected in the near future. The tweet was a link with the details.

First, a little theory. AsicBoost — more efficient way of mining Bitcoin. It affects the work of mining chips and improves power performance. As a result of application of the method of mining BTC becomes approximately 20 percent better. Bitmain has been charged in its use.

To understand the dissatisfaction with the just — Bitmain dug coins using the same equipment, but used a forbidden for simple users methods. Now the situation has changed. Slightly modified AsicBoost available to ordinary mortals, and it does not harm the Bitcoin Protocol.

After testing, Bitmain AsicBoost in testnet we found that the functionality really increases the efficiency of mining.

According to employees, the use of AsicBoost will allow to increase efficiency of mining in the future and strengthen the network of cryptocurrency. The first objective due to the development of ASIC hardware for mining from other manufacturers, so S9 “will continue to be the gold standard for the industry.” The second will be achieved by increasing the total Hasrat network — this will provide a better indicator of j/TX.

The owners of Antminer S9 noted the appearance of the Windows Logic Version.

Antminer S9

Also now there is a mode of Low Power Mode.

Antminer S9

Function AsicBoost other BM-1387 model will get a week later. This Antminer R4, S9i, S9j, T9 and T9+.

Bitmain generosity is appreciated by all. ASIC initially supported this feature, so the company artificially reduced the effectiveness of the models. It is possible that the manufacturer really mainil bitcoins with activated bostom.

Download update the link.

UPDATE: Slush Pool not recommends that owners of Antminer S9 to update to the latest firmware version. Update incompatible with BIP310, so dig in Slush will not work. Waiting for the fix.

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