Bitmain will manufacture devices for learning artificial intelligence

Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miner Bitmain in January announced about the opening of a subsidiary in Switzerland. In the future the company intends to migrate all its activities to the North of Europe due to the negative attitude of the Chinese government. Now Bitmain has announced another innovation — a manufacturer wants to diversify its activities and to release the device for teaching artificial intelligence. About it writes Bloomberg.

A new direction Bitmain

Deputy head Bitmain Jihan Wu in the conversation with the Agency said that the training of neural networks, like mining, requires a lot of computing power.

It is logical that we chose the production of equipment for AI in as an alternative to ASIC-miner to increase our income. This technology is rapidly developing, and as a Chinese company we have to be ready.

Device for the study of artificial intelligence will be called Sophon BM1680 and can several times to reduce the cost of the process, said in a statement. Similar devices produced by Nvidia and AMD, but they have less power in comparison with the development of Chinese manufacturer.

According to Wu, the profit from the sale of devices for the AI will make up 40 percent of the income Bitmain in the next five years. The company now makes only the sale of devices for the extraction of crypto currencies in 2017 Bitmain has received about $ 4 billion.

Previously Nvidia and AMD predicted a drop in demand for devices for cryptocurrency mining by two thirds. In the opinion of management of the companies it will happen in the second-third quarter 2018.

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