BitMEX is constantly attacked by hackers. How to protect yourself from hacking?

Technical Department cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX reported a sharp increase in the number of attacks on the wallets of users. Fortunately, as developers cope with all the difficulties, therefore none of these incidents ended real hacking. Note that your safety largely depends on you. Therefore, always set on your account with two-factor authentication, and choose strong passwords.

Give the hackers a fight

In the staff report BitMEX is also talking about the importance of all precautions.

2FA, which is sometimes called two-step or multifactor authentication adds another layer of protection to your account. Thanks to 2FA the attacker does not have access to your funds, even if he managed somehow to capture the password and login. Unique 2FA tokens can be stored on mobile devices in Google Authenticator or Authy.

Again, this information is very important for your safety. According to the latest research by Google, all attempts to steal funds from the accounts of traders can be prevented by using 2FA. BitMEX to confirm that 2FA is the best way to protect the cryptocurrency from theft. Of course, all this still does not help if the hackers will find the vulnerability in the exchange.

The developers BitMEX note that almost all incidents of theft accounts appeared weak passwords, hacked mailboxes or computers infected with malicious software. The exchange has also introduced new countermeasures in view of the growing activity of criminals.

First, it is now impossible to disable the notification about the login to the linked email. Second, all requests for withdrawals are now confirmed via e-mail and 2FA. Other important new developments, read our cryptodata of hontarov.


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