Black Friday .. the commandments before the purchase and support of electronic

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Since I’m on a date with a campaign of cuts that you will find the opening of the online stores in this period of the year which know wholesale black, there are some commandments to those who are new in the world of electronic payment.

As is known, that the cuts offered by museums in the U.S. market whether up realism or electronic are the cuts real repetitive after the expiration of the offer amounting in most cases to a full week.

We all watched the queues in front of shops in this Black Friday and describes it to the extent of borrowing between customers when you run out of supply of products, or we in the Arab world, can we practically don’t rely on what the online shops on the internet to exploit those prices, which are impossible to find in our countries.

The commandments, when you purchase an electronic payment

From past experience we recommend that you need be careful and pick out the stores with credibility when buying due to these stores of information at everyone that you’re seeking to purchase a phone or piece of electronic. Or if the end of buying a digital product is downloaded immediately, there is no worry in this regard.

Remember to link to the App Store must carry a certificate of safety SSL, which means his browser by the name of the store focuses not with HTTPS.
In contrast, work to rely entirely on the account of the electronic payment your bank, PayPal PAYPAL for being the first line of defense on the operations of electronic payment will be the agent to defend you when there is disagreement between you and the store, like if you use a different product entirely that you bought.

As we know that PayPal depends on your credit card when you don’t have a balance on PayPal. In the event you purchase from these stores through the pai pai, then after your purchase to delete the validity of the automatic payment, so the App Store from within your account on PayPal.

In the event you purchase one of the products through a direct payment using your credit card data, remember to don’t choose a data retention of the card on the App Store. They often need data card for the purchase of other products. – When I finished the purchase, delete the card, there is no need for you on the site again. car reserves to know the store permeable.

Way to cancel radio presets with auto payment from your account on the PayPal

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Black Friday .. the commandments before the purchase and support of electronic

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