BlackBerry hotel filed a lawsuit against Twitter for violating a patent

Set up BlackBerry filed a lawsuit last Wednesday against a company Twitter, where I pressed charges, of Twitter of violating patents developed by BlackBerry in the messaging application.


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The latest lawsuits in the tech world come between your BlackBerry and Twitter, your BlackBerry charges to buy Twitter violates a patent the company that developed the BlackBerry messaging application, has held the lawsuit in a Los Angeles court in the United States.

According to the statements of the BlackBerry about the lawsuit, “that the company Twitter was able to attract users away from the BlackBerry services through the use of technology BlackBerry own violation 6 of the patents of the company”, however, Twitter did not provide comments or official statements about these charges against this company.

Recall that Reuters pointed out that the actions taken by the BlackBerry against Twitter is no different from the actions taken from Facebook and Snap previously.


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