BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the official name for the next new phone

BlackBerry KEY2 LE

Frequency in the last period that the company TCL responsible about the current development and manufacture of phones, BlackBerry is working on a version of low from phone Blackberry KEY2 that was released in the month of June last. And even now, he referred to these religious women in the name of the Blackberry KEY2 Lite, but thanks to some information that has been spotted recently in the position of the FCC! FCC, it turns out now that this phone will never reach the market under the name of Blackberry KEY2 Lite, but it will be released under the name Blackberry KEY2 LE.

Apparently, the name Blackberry KEY2 LE is an acronym for the name of the Blackberry KEY2 Lite Edition even though we are still not sure of that. Regardless of the official name of the device, this phone which carries the name of the model BBE100 will be a mini ” Mini“, because it will come in the same size phone BlackBerry Key2 current. However, it is expected to come with the technical specifications less power compared to phone BlackBerry Key2 current as it’s supposed to be made entirely of plastic.

Frequency so that it will have 4GB of RAM, and it will keep the Processor Snapdragon 660, while getting the specification of less compared to your phone Blackberry KEY2, making it naturally cheaper than the latter. Generally, it is expected to be officially announced about the phone Blackberry KEY2 LE at the IFA exhibition in 2018 to be held in the capital German Berlin early next month September.

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